More than 400 dignitaries, educators, parents and students gathered to discuss the future of Hong Kong curriculum at the Education Colloquium (EC) 2019

Our Education Colloquium (EC) aims to provide a platform for local and international experts to discuss the most pressing debates in education today, to gain insights for our education community and to illuminate our way for future secondary education in Hong Kong.

The 1st EC was held in January 2018 at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre with the theme of "Vision 2047". During the 2-day exchange, we discussed issues of education equity and unleashing potentials of young people. We were very delighted to have three distinguished keynote speakers from overseas, including Mr. Anthony Mackay, Mr. Stephen Harris and Ms. Purvee Chauhan, together with many renowned local speakers such as Professor Edward Chen, Ms. Anna Wu, Mr. Jasper Tsang and Mr. Michael Tien.

The 2nd EC is the highlight of the HKAHSS 55th Anniversary celebration. In 2019, echoing the previous year's theme "Vision 2047", the theme of the 2nd EC was "Curriculum for the Future". In EC 2019, we continued to invite local and international experts to have professional dialogues on future education. We believe the role of the school curriculum, its design, implementation, development and related policies are concerns shared by not only educators, but all stakeholders all over the world.

In EC 2019 Part I held on 14 September 2019, it was our honour and privilege to have Mr. Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills, OECD, delivered the keynote speech on "Education 2030: The Future for Us".

In EC 2019 Part II held on 30 October 2019, we were very delighted to have the [popup_anything id="864"] as the Guest-of-Honour to officiate at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre. Many renowned local speakers were invited to speak on the theme "Curriculum for the Future" from different perspectives. The panel included [popup_anything id="890"], [popup_anything id="891"], [popup_anything id="892"], [popup_anything id="893"] and [popup_anything id="894"]. [popup_anything id="895"] -'Leaming' in the Eyes of Students. [popup_anything id="896"] to have a dialogue on 'Future Education and Entrepreneurship'.

Before the EC 2019, we conducted a research on "Survey on the Curriculum Reform: From Present to the Future" together with Professor Ho Sui-chu and the Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment (HKCISA) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. We jointly publicised the research findings on 16 January 2020.

We deeply appreciate the effort and contributions given by the above local and international experts. It is our great pleasure that we have a wonderful experience to work together to engage different stakeholders, disseminate ideas regarding "Curriculum for the Future" and formulate our way for future secondary education in Hong Kong.